A Royal Visitor to plot 6

A recent Royal Visitor

How much rent should we charge this pensioner?


Submitted by Dave C

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New beehive arrives

The honeybees have finally arrived on the plot. Pictured here is our resident beek Soraya, transferring the bees to their new home.

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Cumberland Brandy

Thanks to Gary for this recipe.

2lb raisins
3lb Demerara sugar
1tsp amylase
1 packet of yeast
2lb wheat
1tsp pectolase
1 packet of nutrient

Put raisins and wheat into a sterilised, white food grade plastic bucket and pour 2 pints of boiling water over. Add sugar and 5 pints of cold water, and allow to cool to room temperature (68°F), and stir in other ingredients. Cover and allow to ferment for one week, stirring each day.
Strain into a gallon demi john and fit a fermentation lock.
When fermentation has finished, rack wine and add two campden tablets and two vinguard tablets. Bottle when wine is clear and still.

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A good way to enjoy your beetroot !!

Spicy Beetroot and Apple Soup.

1 tablespoon olive oil
2 large eating apples,peeled,cored and cut into chunks
220g/ 1/2lb raw beetroot,peeled and chopped
1 large onion cut into chunks
1 tablespoon mild curry powder
500ml vegetable stock
Freshly ground pepper

Heat the oil in a large pan,stir in the apples,beetroot and onion.Cook
over a medium heat until soft.Then add the curry powder,stir and cook
over a gentle heat for a further couple of minutes.
When you’re satisfied the apples and beetroot are soft enough, add
half the stock,transfer to a food processor and blend.Return to pan
and stir remaining stock into the puree,add pepper to taste and heat
gently until boiling.
Then ladle into bowls,sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labour!
Depending on your appetite and portion size should be enough for 3 bowls.

David M

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Sunday 4th September from 2 pm (and onwards)

Should be a good chance for existing plot-holders and the 7 new members who have joined in the last year to get to know each other better!


The invite is open to all plot-holders and their immediate family.


As discussed in a meeting at end of July there will be a charge of £2.50/adult (under 16’s free) for this you get burgers/sausages, bread/ buns, sauces, tea coffee, a laugh and some soft drinks etc free. (bring your own booze).


Any home made pickles, chutneys, dips, brews or even favourite shop bought ones please bring along.


Let any of the committee know how many people you are bringing a.s.a.p. or ring me, Steve (number can be found on the site notice board).


Also we have a Bonfire Night(5.11.11) and Xmas Drink planned. Again ask the committee for details!


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News: Shop now open!

Our allotment shop is now open selling all your horticultural needs at discount prices. We are also open to the general public. Our opening times are Sunday 11-12.

product samples from our allotment shop

product samples from our allotment shop

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